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Privacy should be a matter of course, but in fact, it isn't.

Today, we have more possibilities than ever before. We can find almost any information on the web. Most of it is free, at least it seems free.

But nothing in the world is for free, even if they tell you that. You pay with your e-mail adress, details that should be private, or even with your identity without you even recognizing it.

We become used to that. All that free stuff and services are so awesome, aren't they? So many of us accept the fact, that big data collection has become part of our daily lifes. That is a huge mistake.

Our goal is to call attention on these facts, and help changing them.

  • Internet Users

    Most of us have internet connections

  • Social Media

    Many are using social media services to communicate

  • Privacy

    Only some are taking action to protect their identity

  • Anonymous

    And very few are surfing the web anonymous.

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